The book is the base for genuine learning
With light to dispel the gloom of ignorance.
And the using sun as the Symbol of future hope The grand water immersing calmness and quietude. And we the Angles of Hope at the holy feet of AlmMater Bhuvanagiri.

Late Smt. Krishnaveni Nagaraj., M.A.,Litt.
Founder Bhuvanagiri Public School
Entering the portals of Bhuvanagiri Public School is like entering a temple. We have a high peak of academic success and a huge tally of gold and silver medals in co-curricular activities, sports and games which kept the Bhuvanagiri Public School banner flying high. Total personality development with emphasis on spoken English and imbibing virtues were stressed upon by our teachers and the students are trained to be 'Good and Smart'. This site seeks to give you a glimpse of Bhuvanagiri Public School activities and the position of the school in terms of academic excellence, co-curricular activities, games & sports. It also reflects the flourishing creativity of students, their thoughts and ideas.
Mr.P.Damodharan., M.A.,B.Ed.,P.G.D.H.R.M., NLP Practitioner Trainer (USA) Principal
Mr.V.Nagaraj., M.A.,Litt. Correspondent
Mrs.V.MANJU.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., Head Mistress

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